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Minerals Licensing and Consession Management

Mining Functions Services

Dissemination of mining and geological information through advise, seminars, reports, publications

The Ministry shares information on minerals and mining with stakeholders either through its own initiative to create awareness  or on request

  • Registration online of mining cadaster users

The mining cadaster requires that potential users are registered in the system to enable them log in, make applications and upload required documents

  • Receiving and Processing of applications of  mineral rights for the Mineral Right Board (MRB)

The licensing process has three stages; technical committee (TC) which checks completeness of applications and other matters going to the MRB. The MRB reviews recommendations of the  TC and prepares advisory for Cabinet Secretary’s (CS) action

  • Receiving and Processing of applications of  mineral dealing rights for the Director of Mines

The dealings licensing process has two stages; Director of Mines who checks completeness of applications and other related matters and makes recommendations for Cabinet Secretary’s approval

  • Preparation of Licence and Permit documents for Cabinet Secretary action and dispatch to the customers

Director of Mines prepares documentation on CS’s decision and once finalized dispatches them to the customer

  • Receiving and Processing of applications of  mineral export permits  for the Cabinet Secretary’s approval

The exports permitting process has two stages; Director of Mines who checks completeness of applications and other related matters and makes recommendations for Cabinet Secretary’s approval

  • Receiving and Processing of applications of explosives licences and permits for approval

The explosives licensing process has two stages; Chief Inspector of explosives checks completeness of applications and other related matters and makes recommendations for Director of Mines  approval

  • Registration of licences, permits and other documents

Registration of a licence/permit is the last action in the licensing process. Some documents become valid after registration for example assignment of mining licences

Perusal of documents including searching in the Cadastre System

  • People seeking information at the Directorate are allowed access to documents and relevant charges apply

Issuance of Copies of licence and Permit Documents

  • Customers are allowed to request certified copies of their documents
  • Quantitative Laboratory Analysis of samples

Gold assay for purity determination by flux fusion, cupellation and parting with dilute HNO3 acid of 5grams of, alluvial gold and manufactured gold sample, cutting and polishing of dimension stone slabs. Other quantitative services include; Heavy mineral separation by tabling, heavy liquids, magnetic, floatation and Precious metal determination by convectional Fire Assay with Gravimetric finish (30 g sample weight).

  • Qualitative Laboratory Analysis of samples

Provide Trace Element and qualitative mineral analytical services as well as conducting research on mineral analytical techniques

  • Thin section preparation, Geochemical and Geotechnical sample preparation, Lapidary services

Prepare rock sample thin sections for petrographic studies in geological research, mineral exploration, geotechnical and geohazard investigation


  • Compilation of mineral and geological information.

A geological data bank acts as a repository Centre for all geodata. It consists of a set of variable-length records containing the basic information needed to characterize one or more mineral commodities, a mineral deposit, or several related deposits. The information consists of text, numeric data, and codes. Some topics covered are: name, location, commodity information, geology, production, reserves, potential resources, and references. The center will host geo-data gathered from field surveys by both private and Government agencies and to inform investments in mining.

  • Hire of drilling services

The Directorate owns several drill rigs and qualified staff to operate them. The available rigs include: 5 Diamond Core and 2 Percussion. These rigs, accompanied by relevant technical staff, are available for hire at published rates

  • Mineral identification 

Mineral identification by physical examination/simple tests of the following parameters: colour, lustre, cleavage, crystal form, texture, grain-size, hardness, specific gravity, malleability, ductility, odour , acid reactivity and advice on uses.

  • Issuance of permit to remove samples

The Directorate is charged with the responsibility of certifying and issuing geological material samples export permits for analysis at laboratories located outside the country.

  • Cartography services

The Directorate has a Cartography Section which provides cartography services

  • Mineral Exploration

The Mineral Exploration Division carries out the following functions: Design and implement mineral exploration programmes targeting both on- and off-shore mineral occurrences within the boundaries of Kenya. The Division archieves these objectives through: Detailed geological mapping, geochemical and geophysical, mineral pan-concentrate  surveys, test and target drilling of mineral anomalies and prospects.

  • Environmental and Engineering Geology

This Division undertakes research into environmental impacts of geological and mineral materials, geohazard mapping and early warning. The Division also undertakes geotechnical investigations for civil works and infrastructural developments.

  • Mineral Promotion and Marketing

The project aims to promote mineral exploration opportunities in open exploration blocks. Geological and Geophysical data will be packaged and used for marketing of the country’s minerals potential to prospective investors at Local and International conferences and related industry fora.

  • Geophysical Surveys and Seismology

The Directorate will continue participating effectively in the National Joint Multi-Agency Project (Airborne geophysical survey) and undertaking of ground follow up for mineralized targets where high quality National Airborne Geophysical Survey datasets have become available