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Blue Economy and Fisheries Function

The state Department comprise of:

i) Technical Department   a) Directorate for Blue Economy Development.

                                         b) Directorate for Fisheries and Aquacultuer Development.

ii) Administration Department   a) Administration Unit

                                                  b) Finance and Accounts

                                                  c) Human resource Management and Development.

                                                  d) Central Planning and Project Monitoring Unit.

                                                  e) ICT.

                                                  f) Public Communication.

                                                  g) Internal Audit.

The State Department also has 4 State corporations:

  • The Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute(KMFRI);
  • The Kenya Fisheries Service (KeFS);
  • The Fish Marketing Authority (KFMA); and
  • The Kenya Fishing Industries Corporation(KFIC).



To facilitate sustainable management and development of fishery resources, Aquaculture and the Blue Economy for accelerated socio-economic development


To be a regional leader in governance of fisheries resources, Aquaculture and Blue Economy


To coordinate the development of policy, legal, regulatory and institutional framework of Fisheries resources, Aquaculture and the Blue Economy management and development.


  • Co-ordinate development of national oceans and blue economy strategy and policy;
  •  Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy;
  • Co-ordination of Development of Policy, Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Framework for the Fisheries Industry and the Blue Economy;
  •  Drive sustainable transformation and diversification of the ocean’s economy by promoting research and innovation;
  •  Increase local participation and investment in the blue economy through private sector engagement and partnerships;
  • Fisheries Marketing Policy;
  • Fishing Licensing;
  • Development of Fisheries;
  • Promote Fish Consumption;
  • Fish Quality Assurance;
  • Enhancement of Technical Co- operation with Partner States;
  • Management and Licensing of Local and Foreign Fishing Trawlers in Kenya Waters;
  • Overall Policy for Exploitation of Agro-Based Marine Resources;
  • Policy on Development of Fishing Ports and Associated Infrastructure;
  • Capacity Building for Sustainable Exploitation of Agro-Based Marine Resources;
  • Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems;
  • Promotion of Kenya as a Centre for Aquaculture; and
  • Economic development oriented Fisheries Research.