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Mining Function

This function is charged under section 17(1)(a) of the Mining Act, 2016, to among others promote the effective and efficient management and the development of mineral resources and the mining sector; and exercising regulatory administration over mining and prospecting operations.

The Mining and Geological function is headed by the Commissioner of Mines and Geology and is responsible for the following functions:

  1. Development and review of policies, legal and regulatory framework for guiding geological survey and mining
  2. Coordination of provision of geoscience expertise and data to the government on all matters related to geology and the development of minerals
  3. Coordination of operations in geological, geophysical, geochemical, seismological and hydro-geological surveys, investigations and mapping
  4. Development of a national repository of geo-science information and facilitation of access to this information by the general public
  5. Exercising regulatory administration and supervision over all prospecting, mining, processing, refining and treatment operations, transport and any dealings in minerals
  6. Monitoring of compliance and ensuring compliance with the law, regulations and conditions relating to mineral rights
  7.  Preparation of the necessary reports required under this Mining Act, 2016;
  8. Exercising regulatory administration and supervision over the use of
  9. Commercial explosives in accordance with the Explosives Act (Cap. 115);
  10. Provision of advice during the negotiation of mineral agreements, minerals related litigation and arbitration;
  11. Promotion of co-operation among state agencies, county governments, the private sector, research bodies, non-governmental organizations and other organizations which are engaged in programmes related to mining and activities to enhance the administration and operation of the Mining Act, 2016;